Thursday, April 23, 2009

We are afraid of the wrong things!

When I was born I was afraid of strangers
When I went to pre-school I was afraid of leaving my parents for the first time
When I started school I was afraid of the new challenges that faced me
When I moved schools I was afraid of making new friends
When I started middle school I was afraid of the big building and the new teachers
When I went to high school I was afraid of my school workload
When I was in matric I was afraid of failing
When I graduated I was afraid of going over seas for a year
When I came back from overseas I was afraid to live in South Africa
When I started at CPUT I was afraid I made the wrong choice

BUT… I went to preschool, I faced those challenges at primary school, I made new friends when I moved to a new school, I adapted to my new teachers and the big middle school building, I managed my high school workload, I passed matric, I had an incredible experience overseas, I settled back in when I came home, I went to CPUT and I graduated!

I think at each stage of our lives we are afraid of certain things and looking back at all the things I was afraid of I can laugh!


  1. So true Tom!
    We are afriad of the things that are new to use!
    I am scared to death of change!
    If every thing would just stay the same..for ever, I would be happy!
    But I am lucky to have a huge support group to look after me when change comes along!
    Thank you....

  2. Change is good. Not really necessay but good. We will never know until we have tried and we will never try because we will always be to afraid. So it's a good thing to give it a try and not be afraid.