Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gap Year

I know that I have told most of you that I am immigrating on December 28, 2009, however I have had much time to think about it and I have changed my mind. I have decided to take a “gap year” and focus on moving to Israel and working, traveling and just finding out who I am and what I want in life.

I am planning on packing one suitcase and just going where the road takes me. I want to know what it is like to support myself. I am 23 and have never supported myself, cooked for myself, cleaned for myself or even lived by myself. I think I have been sheltered my whole life and it is time I grow up and take on responsibilities.

So I am looking forward to what the future holds and hoping that through my travels I will be able to find some direction in life and find out what I want to do, where I want to live and who I want to be. Without these fundamentals I will never really know who I am and so I am hoping that next year will give me guidance and allow me to discover who I really am.

This Is It

So the other night I went to go see Michael Jackson’s This Is It! I am not sure how many of you know but I am honestly the biggest Michael Jackson fan. I have many of his CD’s, most of his lyrics typed out, interviews with MJ, his concerts and of course those of you who have been to my house have seen my huge Michael Jackson drawing above my bed.

Ever since the King of Pop passed away on June 25, 2009 I have been unable to watch my videos of him, but on Tuesday night I went to go watch This Is It. Michael Jackson, at age 50, moves and dancers better than he did at age 25.

I think that this concert was going to be his best ever. He redid his Thriller video, it looks amazing. What I loved about the movie was that MJ was so real in it. I mean I have watched many interviews both with him and about him but when you see him rehearsing and how gentle and polite he is with his staff, team and dancers you get to see and know the real MJ.

As I always say, MJ in my heart forever!

Watch this space

So as newly qualified public relations practitioners I guess we are all watching each others' spaces to find out where we all going to land up! I mean I can’t believe that four years ago we all embarked on this journey that we thought would take forever and looking back its just gone! We are done! I still can’t believe it! I guess time flies when you are having fun!

I don’t know where the future will take me or where I will land up! I have decided to take a “gap year” and once again go to Israel! I am not going to pack up my life, but rather just take a small bag and see where the road takes me! I am hoping ill learn and grow so much and develop and mature as a young public relations practitioner.

So I am hoping to keep in touch with all you fabulous B-Techs and I look forward to seeing where the road takes you and where you land up. I will be watching all your spaces. Just remember that this is our time to make an impact on the world and make our footprint! Good luck to you all!

Conventional is a good fallback position

Whilst trying to understand what the word conventional means I decided to look at synonyms on Microsoft Word and this is what it gave me: conservative, conformist, straight, square, predictable, unadventurous and usual.

Conventional is a good fallback position because it is what we are use to. This reminds of the saying “if you reach for the moon and miss at least you will fall in the stars” and I guess that conventional is our stars.

Some of us are afraid of trying new things, especially me! When I go to a restaurant nine out of ten times ill order the same item off the menu. Why? Because I am afraid of trying new things, I know I like the meal I order, I know what to expect and I know how much it costs. This is just another example of why conventional is a good fallback position.

Another example of this that relates to my life is me wanting to immigrate and everyone telling me that if it doesn’t work out I can always come back to South Africa, once again South Africa being my conventional fallback position!

But I guess in life we sometimes have to be safe rather than sorry, but, it does not mean that we shouldn’t always aim for the moon or take that big step in life!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our last few days of university!

I can’t believe my studies at Cape Peninsula University of Technology are coming to an end. It is so weird to think that four years ago I set out on this journey, I don’t think I ever envisaged that this day would come! Yes I have dreamed about it, prayed about it and a lot of the time cursed my way through it, but now that it has arrived and it is time to say goodbye to the building, the lecturers and most of all my friends, I have mixed emotions.

I guess that ever since our orientation in January 2006, CPUT has been my way of life. Each day I wake up, go to university and then come home, do my homework and I know what the next day will bring. Now that classes are ending and there are just a few outstanding assignments I think I am starting to panic! But on the other hand I am really excited for Israel and I have butterflies in my stomach!

I really am going to miss all the ups and downs, the blood, sweat and tears, the strikes, petrol bombs, the security guards, the terrible lecturers, the fun days in the sun and most of all the friendships I have made!

“Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when you only have one idea”

Desperate times call for desperate measures! When people only have one idea, they have to make it work and will therefore go to the most extreme to make sure it succeeds. This I guess is when ideas get freaky and people become frantic!
Once my brother and I were walking on top of glass bottles and he wasn’t walking fast enough so I decided to push him and when I did he jumped up and then landed on the glass bottles and cut his foot in three, literally. There was blood everywhere, I guess that was a bad idea.

Last year I was driving back from Paarl, it had been raining for two weeks straight. I was on the N1 heading back to Cape Town when I braked, skidded and then aqua planed about 100m on the highway, I guess it was a bad idea to break on a wet road!
I guess we have all had crazy ideas that may have seemed right at that exact second, however looking back at it now there have been many times when I have only had one idea and without thinking about it I automatically did it and there were repercussions such as a written off car and a foot that needed many stitches!

Au Pairing!

So this week I am au pairing, but not only lifting and doing homework with the children, I am sleeping over, cooking and getting the children ready for school! I have house sat before and walked and fed dogs, but this is on a totally different level! I feel like a mommy!

I have so many responsibilities. I have to make sure each child wakes up on time, eats their breakfast, drinks their tea, brushes their hair and teeth and makes it to school on time. Today started off rough! It was wet and rainy and the traffic was mad! One of the kids missed her first class. Tonight is going to be the biggest challenge of all, I have to cook dinner for three vegetarian girls..HELP I don’t even know how to cook. What do vegetarians eat anyways? This is going to be interesting!

So now I need to go do homework and prepare for dinner, then I need to take the girls to Pick ‘n Pay to buy bandannas for the Sun Flower Foundation. I just finished watching the Sweet Life of Zack and Cody and Sponge Bob Square Pants! Oh the joys of the Disney Channel!!!