Monday, February 16, 2009

Designer PR

I have realised from the “Designer PR” blog that it is important as PR students that we should carry our own brand of PR and not live in the shadows of marketing and advertising. The move from Commerce to Design and Information could really open new doors not only for PR students but also for the industry. We should maximise this opportunity to our advantage. This is the first year that PR is under the Design faculty and therefore we should start out fresh, there are no boundaries and limitations, we can set them.

Since we are in 4h year, PR might seem monotonous and boring to some, but it is up to us to make it fun again, but not only by seeing the business side of PR but also seeing the exciting side which would lead us to thinking more creatively and out of the box.

As mentioned in the article, I agree that it is important for us as up and coming PR practitioners to learn and benefit from all social media’s including Face book, My space, Blogger and Twitter amongst others because of the technology age where we find ourselves.

I am excited to be a part of face lifting PR and feel like this is an opportunity to make PR something great.


  1. I too am excited to be a part of reinventing PR and giving it a face lift. I think us, as 4th year PR students have been given a great opportunity, being a part of both the Business and Design faculties. This could only benefit us as practitioners, having experience and knowledge in how both operate.

    I also agree that using social media is an immense advantage to PR, as these tools can only assist and benefit the PR practitioners and our industry. It can also help PR practitioners to be more creative and allow themselves to reach their target audiences more efficiently and personally.

  2. I must admit, that I was never a fan of blogging never gave it a chance to become part of my vocabulary, and had no idea what twitter was when I first heard it in Media Studies. Having an understanding of the social media that is now being used does make me feel good. It is allowing us to see things differently, I personally feel that I have a better understanding of what people out there are really thinking - this can only be beneficial to our industry.

    The move to the Design faculty has only proven positive thus far, and I'm sure it is only going to get better in the future. I am excited to see what the year holds for us.