Monday, March 2, 2009

If I were the boss…

If I were the boss I would like to be chilled and relaxed! Yet I know I am sure I would be strict, evil and everyone would hate me! No I am only kidding!!

If I were the boss I would want to have patients, understanding, be a good leader, lead from example and oh, did I mention have patients?

I would start work late…and of cause end early! We would have a T.V room where all sports and news could be watched. Meetings and other “house work” would be conducted in a relaxed manner, not at a board room table, but rather on beanbags and pillows!

I think on Fridays we would end work extra early, but not before we all enjoyed an ice cold bear! I would never give my employees “homework” as long as they completed all their tasks during working hours! I wouldn’t mind what my employees wore to work or how they presented themselves! All I would care about was the standard and commitment of their work!

I would insist on having a gym at work, it is the best time to exercise and let off all your steam and get all your frustrations off your chest! I would insist on all employees taking a lunch time brake as well as two tea brakes a day!

I would be a very approachable boss… my door would always be open! I would also be very encouraging and advice friendly.

But I guess if I were the boss of this organisation it probably wouldn’t last very long!!!!


  1. May I please be one of your employees? It sounds like a dream working for you! And I promise you I won't test your patience! I'll even make you coffee if you stick to what you said on how you would be the boss.

  2. Tamara that's a great dream! I want to work for you too!

  3. Tamara,i’m definitely coming to work for you. You seem to be a good boss.I'm positive that i will learn alot from you because you are very flexible.

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