Monday, June 8, 2009

10 most unexpected consequences of being online

It’s too much of a distraction, Facebook, msn, Twitter, Gmail chat.
Someone can stalk you, I bet we all have stalker stories to tell!
You Tube = instant fame!
People can become famous or infamous with sex tapes on line!
It is easy to pick up plagiarism
Freedom of speech, there are no laws as far as blogs are concerned!
You can become ordained in 30 seconds… I saw that on One Tree Hill
You can download movies and series before they air in your country, don’t look at me!
You can play scrabble on line, depending how bored you are
You can become an instant millionaire just by playing a simple game of poker


  1. I wish I knew how to play poker... but I don't think it's real.

  2. Don't look at you? Miss Series. Nate started playing poker online with cash and is winning. It's crazy how easy it is (for him and other poker players) for them to make some extra cash (like R 1000-amateur) a game. Nice one!