Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Everyday is a good day!

Everyday we wake up and have the power to determine how our day is going to be. We can choose to wake up on the right side of the bed and make the most out of the day ahead, regardless of the weather, appointments scheduled for the day or the deadlines we have to meet.

Each day brings another opportunity for us to right the wrong in our lives and turn each day into not only a good day but a great day. So often it is easy to wake up and think and feel the worst and dread getting out of our warm beds and facing reality, but we never know what the day will bring, who we will meet and whose life we may make an impression on.

Everyday is a good day to touch, feel and taste new experiences, each day we grow, not only physically but emotionally, each day we learn more about ourselves and our friends, everyday is a good day.

Everyday is a good day to meet new people, listen to a new song, buy a new outfit, eat a new seasonal fruit, paint our toe nails a new colour and even hear a new joke. Life is simply too short not to maximise every opportunity we have, to have a good day!


  1. We ultimately choose how we wish to spend that day, so whether it is good or bad, we made it that way.

  2. It all boils down to perception and attitude.That determines whether you have a good day or not, not the actual circumstances. Even if bad things happen to you, how you respond determines everything. There's my motivational speech for today...