Monday, August 24, 2009

Bunch of Animals” is one comment on the CPUT strike on campus. What is yours?

I think the strike that happened on CPUT’s campus was totally unnecessary and uncalled for. Every single time these students want something, whether it be Dstv, microwaves, shopping vouchers or not wanting an increase in registration fees, they do whatever they want to whoever they want as they know there are never any repercussions.

I am personally sick and tired of coming to campus to be told that there is no class. I am also sick of being scared to come to campus because students are rioting and bashing down doors. I think their behaviour was animalistic. Just because they can’t accept something or because they disagree with something does not give them the right to flood the building or leave petrol bombs on campus that could clearly harm other learners.

The fact that they were caught on camera steeling from the cafeteria, which has nothing to do with CPUT increasing their registration fees, shows just how animalistic they are. I think it is disgusting that there were absolutely no repercussions for the students who were involved and especially the Student Representative Council, if these people are representing the students as a whole, then I am extremely embarrassed to be called a CPUT student.

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