Monday, September 7, 2009

My Christmas vocab sucks!

Today in class Marian was talking about her daughter, Carrie and how she has a very little vocabulary about cars. I all of a suddenly realised that I have very little, or no vocabulary about Christmas!

I am Jewish and have therefore never experienced or celebrated Christmas. Once when I was 5 I was an angel in a Christmas play and had to sing silent night! I am not even sure if I know the real story behind Christmas and Jesus's birth, or if I only know the version told to pre school children.

I always hear in movies people saying "kiss under the mistleto" and people talk about the three wise men, I think James Blunt even sings a song with those words in them, but to me they have no meaning or understanding!

When I was younger I always wanted to celebrate Christmas so I could get presents. I wanted to wake up in the morning and go and find tons of presents under the decorated Christmas tree!

It was kind of hard for me when I was younger not to tell my friends that Father Christmas doesn't really exist and that it was their parents that gave them the presents, drank the milk and ate half the cookies left for him!

But I still think Christmas is cool and I love wishing my friends a happy merry merry Christmas and I have even received some Christmas presents before!!!!

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