Monday, September 7, 2009

What motivates me

I guess in different stages of my life, different things have motivated
me, but I guess my biggest motivation at the moment is knowing that I
am leaving really soon and therefore have so much to do! I can't waste
anytime. When I have something to do I do it straight away as I feel
that my time in South Africa is really limited. For sure I will be
back for holidays and family events, but it will never really be the

Another big motivation in my life is that in eight weeks or maybe even
less I will be finished with university! I think back to this same
feeling when I was in matric and writing finals and how exited and
scared I was about finishing school and going traveling over seas for
the year, but that was my motivation to finish school!

Last semester I was really nervous for my results as this year has
been particularly difficult for me, I can feel the change in the level
of work. I honestly thought I was going to fail the first semester and
in my head I was dropping out! But then I got really good results and
I am now motivated to continue working hard for the rest of this year
and I am looking forward to graduating, please G-d next year!

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