Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Feelings follow behaviour

How true are these words? Lately I have been so concerned with the amount of university work we have to do that I feel so stressed and I am taking it out on all my friends and family.

My feelings are following my behaviour because my anxiousness is represented in my behaviour. It is almost like a vicious cycle where my behaviour dictates to my feelings and my feelings to my behaviour.

But on the other hand, this could be a great feeling. If I am doing something I love, like sitting with my friends and just chilling I will be so relaxed and calm and this will reflect on my feelings which would be happy, motivated and inspired to do almost anything I set my mind on.

Another example of my feelings following my behaviour is when I do something that feels right or good, for example when I volunteer for certain non-profit organisations or give charity, they say that giving is better than receiving and this is so true. I feel as if I am on top of the world, that I can conquer anything and everything.

So I think that maybe in the mornings when I wake up I should determine the kind of behaviour or mood that I am in and if I am not in a good mood I should change to a good one as that will set my positive feelings and tone for the rest of the day!


  1. We do need to surround ourselves with positive aspects that will make us feel good rather than stressed and complete messes. If we set our minds to a certain feeling in the morning that could change the prospects for our entire day and the way we feel will be lived out in our behaviour.

  2. I love that you shared a bit of yourself in this post Tom. It is true to who you are :-)

    Just remember you will get through it ;-)