Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It is better to practice a little than talk a lot!

Actions speak louder than words! If you always talking, then when do you ever get a chance to put all that talk into practice. People who always talk and never do anything are actually hypocrites. How can they say they do all these things when they never put their talk into action?

People who always talk yet never do irritate me, in fact they twick my melon! (as once mentioned in the movie Son in Law). I personally feel that people who talk yet never act are condescending towards others as they make themselves sound so great and perfect yet they are liars and frauds.

I don’t care whether people practice or don’t practice anything in life, but if they don’t ever put their big talk into actions and are forever telling people how to do certain things then that isn’t just or fair.

People who talk a lot and never get anything done have the need to “show off” or “prove themselves” for some pathetic reason. I don’t think people actually care what people say, I think it is what they do that people really remember.

So to all you big talkers out there lets see some action, practice what you preach!


  1. I do think that people who talk a lot are all about the words and often you'll find them telling other people what to do. You never see the results of their actions because they haven't followed through on their words.

    I agree that actions speak louder than words and you'll get more out of doing something than just talking about it.Imagine talking about your assignment but never doing anything about it!

  2. Actions really do speak louder than words.
    When people lie to themselves and to others, they waste that time, which could have been unseful in other areas of ones life.
    Nice one, girl!