Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Au Pairing!

So this week I am au pairing, but not only lifting and doing homework with the children, I am sleeping over, cooking and getting the children ready for school! I have house sat before and walked and fed dogs, but this is on a totally different level! I feel like a mommy!

I have so many responsibilities. I have to make sure each child wakes up on time, eats their breakfast, drinks their tea, brushes their hair and teeth and makes it to school on time. Today started off rough! It was wet and rainy and the traffic was mad! One of the kids missed her first class. Tonight is going to be the biggest challenge of all, I have to cook dinner for three vegetarian girls..HELP I don’t even know how to cook. What do vegetarians eat anyways? This is going to be interesting!

So now I need to go do homework and prepare for dinner, then I need to take the girls to Pick ‘n Pay to buy bandannas for the Sun Flower Foundation. I just finished watching the Sweet Life of Zack and Cody and Sponge Bob Square Pants! Oh the joys of the Disney Channel!!!

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