Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our last few days of university!

I can’t believe my studies at Cape Peninsula University of Technology are coming to an end. It is so weird to think that four years ago I set out on this journey, I don’t think I ever envisaged that this day would come! Yes I have dreamed about it, prayed about it and a lot of the time cursed my way through it, but now that it has arrived and it is time to say goodbye to the building, the lecturers and most of all my friends, I have mixed emotions.

I guess that ever since our orientation in January 2006, CPUT has been my way of life. Each day I wake up, go to university and then come home, do my homework and I know what the next day will bring. Now that classes are ending and there are just a few outstanding assignments I think I am starting to panic! But on the other hand I am really excited for Israel and I have butterflies in my stomach!

I really am going to miss all the ups and downs, the blood, sweat and tears, the strikes, petrol bombs, the security guards, the terrible lecturers, the fun days in the sun and most of all the friendships I have made!

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  1. We have completed a part of our life journey that will have an effect on the rest of our lives.