Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Is It

So the other night I went to go see Michael Jackson’s This Is It! I am not sure how many of you know but I am honestly the biggest Michael Jackson fan. I have many of his CD’s, most of his lyrics typed out, interviews with MJ, his concerts and of course those of you who have been to my house have seen my huge Michael Jackson drawing above my bed.

Ever since the King of Pop passed away on June 25, 2009 I have been unable to watch my videos of him, but on Tuesday night I went to go watch This Is It. Michael Jackson, at age 50, moves and dancers better than he did at age 25.

I think that this concert was going to be his best ever. He redid his Thriller video, it looks amazing. What I loved about the movie was that MJ was so real in it. I mean I have watched many interviews both with him and about him but when you see him rehearsing and how gentle and polite he is with his staff, team and dancers you get to see and know the real MJ.

As I always say, MJ in my heart forever!

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